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UEA slip rings offer design versatility as component kit rings or as completed, ready-to-mount assemblies with optional pre-wired harnesses. A wide selection of circuitry is available with many combinations of amperage and voltage (AC or DC). The compact design is made possible by brushes stacked on alternating sides. UEA slip rings come in a variety of bore sizes, from .500” to 14.00”. Every order is custom designed for your specific motion application need. Our engineers work with you on the application to provide the highest performing quality slip ring available!



UEA offers a wide selection of accessories for our slip rings. When ordering, please outline your needs or consult with our engineering department to determine the correct accessories for your slip ring application. The following accessories are available:

  • Base Brackets

    • HarnessesUEA offers a wide selection of base brackets for our slip rings. Most base brackets are adaptable to upright or inverted mounting. For upright mounting, base brackets are fitted with nylon bearings. For inverted installations, base brackets have environmental seals and nylon bearings. Optional oil-impregnated bronze bearings are available for units to be used in high ambient temperature applications. 
  • Pneumatic Swivels

    • ​All-brass air swivels with 2 or 4 passages are optional for use with any slip ring, except .500” - 1.00” bore. These are precision engineered and manufactured for air passages, supplementing electrical passages, in the rotating unit.

      Mounting Tubes
  • Pre-wired Harnesses

    • ​​​UEA Slip Rings with pre-wired harnesses give you the convenience of faster connections, which save both time and money. UEA will supply the appropriate custom wire harness or jacketed cable, with or without multi-pin connectors to facilitate your installation. Our harnesses are available taped or braided for long-term durability.

  • Mounting Tubes

    • ​Because of the modular concept of UEA slip rings, we offer a wide selection of mounting tubes. When ordering, please outline your needs or consult with our engineering department to determine the correct mounting tube for your slip ring application.

Hydraulic SwivelsHydraulic Swivel

For all your rotary fluid and air needs, UEA offers multimedia
rotary unions. Pair any of our slip rings with a fluid or
air swivel in one complete package. Our hydraulic swivels
are available in many sizes and number of ports.

Electronic Condition Circuitry

UEA slip rings are unique to the industry because of the floating, double pivot point, brush design. Brush contacts pivot on the brush arms, and the brush arms pivot on the brush post, which guarantees positive contact pressure. This high contact brush pressure enhances the ability of our standard materials to handle low-level electronic circuitry.

Other manufacturers may need precious metal conductors in these applications. Analog, digital, audio, video, and other sensitive signals can be transmitted through UEA slip rings. Precious metal circuitry is available for certain applications such as Allen Bradley Blue Hose, DeviceNet™, Profibus™, Ethernet and other sensitive I/O signals in extremely harsh environments.

Current Electronic Condition Circuitry Information