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the UEA story

UEA is proud to have been a family-owned company since 1952. Founded in 1952, United Equipment Accessories, Inc. (UEA) began as a small manufacturing operation in Vern Iserman’s garage in Waverly, Iowa. Our original product was a component remote control kit that was used to remotely operate truck mounted cranes or excavators from the rear operator cab. An important part of these kits was a collector ring, which is more commonly referred to today as a slip ring.

In the early 1960s, we were unable to find reliable slip rings for our remote-control kits. As a result, we designed and patented our own line of electrical slip rings. Today UEA has become one of the largest slip ring manufacturers in the world. We are known for our rugged and reliable designs that can be completely customized to fit our customers’ needs.

In the late 1960s, UEA developed electrical transmission controllers for off-highway vehicles. These controllers originally combined electro-pneumatic control of hydraulic spool valves to shift transmissions. Today our controllers are used to electrically energize electro-hydraulic spool valves directly mounted to the transmission.

In 1982, UEA introduced cable reels to the market in response to cable reels users needing a product manufactured with a reliable slip ring. While we sell the standard conductor models commonly used, we specialize in reels with five or more conductors for electronic applications. In 2012, UEA developed our hydraulic swivel product line in response to customer demand. We offer standalone hydraulic swivels or multi-media rotary unions by combining hydraulic swivels with our electric slip rings. Our hydraulic swivels are produced with state of the art CNC, testing and clean-room assembly equipment.

In October 2018, UEA acquired Alpha Slip Rings, a manufacturer of slip rings for extreme environments and applications that have size limitations. Located in Austin, Texas, Alpha Slip Rings produces slip rings for the oil & gas, marine, industrial and entertainment industries.

UEA is proud to have been a family-owned company since 1952. We honor our family values and treat our customers like they are part of our UEA family. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and look forward to doing business with you.



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