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Slip Ring circuits

From component kits to self-contained fully-enclosed models, each custom slip ring has the exact number of circuits you require and the rating you want. UEA engineers can make recommendations as to the best materials and circuits for your application.
slip ring

circuits overview

  • 1 to 120+ (dependent upon conductor rating) circuits
  • Up to 3K RPM
  • 0-7.5KV | 0-1000 amps
  • High temp, high flex wire available
  • Custom harnesses available, up to 100 ft
  • 1000's of different connectors for easy install

standard slip Ring circuits

  • The standard slip ring circuit consists of a pair of sintered metal copper/graphite brushes that make contact with a brass ring.
    This is the least expensive solution and is sufficient for most applications including low level audio, video and network signals when used in protected areas and frequent use.
standard slip ring circuits
extended pressure circuits

extended pressure slip ring circuits

  • The extended pressure slip ring circuit is a standard circuit with the brush profile/radius changed to increase the surface pressure in the contact area.This provides better cleaning action and tighter contact for a quieter interface than the standard circuits. The trade off is a shorter life in high cycle applications. These circuits are used in areas of moderate possibility of corrosion for higher cleaning action and low voltage signal circuits. They are also used in circuits with long periods of non-use. These circuits are recommended for low-level signal circuits on equipment used outdoors or in areas of moderately corrosive environments.

Silver Brush slip ring Circuits

  • The silver brush circuits are a pair of silver graphite brushes on a standard brass ring. This gives a signal that is very comparable to the full silver circuits at a lower cost. The trade off is that the brass ring could still corrode in hostile environments or with long periods of non-use. These circuits are used for sensitive low-level circuits, critical network, audio or video circuits with intermittent use and long periods of non-use.
silver brush slip rings circuits
silver slip ring circuits

Full Silver slip ring circuits

  • The full silver circuits are a pair of silver graphite brushes on a coin silver or silver-plated ring. This is the ultimate circuit with the highest cost due to the precious metal ring. This circuit will provide a clean signal even in applications of long periods of non-use and moderately corrosive environments. Used for the most critical circuits where signal integrity is of utmost importance. These are also used in corrosive environments where brass or copper would lose signal integrity due to surface corrosion. Use for critical network, audio, video or low-level analog circuits in wet or corrosive environments.

network & Communication slip ring circuits

Digital data communication circuits include but are not limited to:
  • Ethernet
  • USB Data
  • Modbus
  • CC-Link
  • Fieldbus
  • CANBus / CANopen Or J1939et
  • RS232
  • RS485
data circuits on slip ring

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