Working Together to Reduce Slip Ring Costs

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 in UEA Blog

Custom slip ringUnited Equipment Accessories (UEA) slip rings are custom made with the exact number of conductors and the rating that your specific application requires. Our custom design approach allows customers to pay only for what is needed for their application. The UEA engineering team helps guide our customers to find slip ring solutions that can help reduce design costs. UEA slip rings come in standard bore sizes of .500” up to 14.0” and can be customized in any size between those parameters.

Circuitry costs can vary greatly especially when a design requires high-powered circuits or communication circuits that requiring silver brushes and/or silver rings. By supplying only the exact number of each type of circuit, we can reduce costs and eliminate the need for customers to pay for excess materials and labor.

Duty cycle is also taken into consideration when determining materials to be used in each slip ring. For example, if the application requires silver rings and the duty cycle is low, silver-plated rings may help reduce the cost for the design while maintaining the necessary properties of the silver. If the duty cycle is high, a coin silver ring might be required. Keeping costs down is germane. If your application doesn’t require it, why pay for it?

Another way that we have reduced cost is by combining different size slip rings into one unit to handle several power and communication requirements. UEA has combined larger bore slip rings with high power requirements with a smaller bore slip ring to handle the low amperage or communication circuits, all in one unit. This can greatly reduce the cost, and at the same time reduce the overall size of the slip ring. UEA sales, customer service, and engineering team members are always ready to assess your needs and move you to the next stage that will provide you with the best information for your overall satisfaction.

Our goal is to supply you with the highest quality slip ring for the best price.

Steve Dilger
Customer Service Manager

Reducing Slip Ring Cost