Wind Slip Ring with Terminal Blocks

Posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 in UEA Blog

Wind slip ringThis new electrical slip ring has progressed beyond the design phase and is about to make its way into production at United Equipment Accessories.  The S15D series slip ring assembly with terminal blocks was designed to be installed horizontally in a wind turbine application.  The terminal blocks allow for a 

Wind Slip Ring with Terminal Blocks

custom configuration using modular terminal blocks sized for the amperage and voltage requirements.  In this application, terminal blocks are being supplied for both the stator and rotor side of the slip ring.  This particular application requires 5 circuits for power and 23 circuits for control and communication.

The S15D series slip ring is in our 1.50” bore slip ring group and is made up of an anodized aluminum dished base casting, anodized aluminum top plate, a molded clam shell style cover for the stator and an anodized aluminum clam shell style cover for the rotor.  A vent plug and thermostat controlled heater were added to eliminate condensation inside the enclosure.

Wind Slip Ring

 A custom torque arm is supplied to retain the outer part of the slip ring. The large mounting flange is bolted to the gearbox of the wind turbine after first connecting the typically longer center rotational harness to the terminal blocks inside the rotor hub.

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Josh Bockholt
Sr. Designer - Engineering