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Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 in UEA Blog

Welcome from the UEA President:

As President of United Equipment Accessories, Inc., I can honestly say that this is my first attempt in my life at blogging.  I plan on surviving.  Speaking of surviving, UEA is doing more than just surviving the current economic challenges.  We have viewed this recession as an opportunity to build for the future.  We have added facilities and revamped present facilities to plan capacity for the future.   Further building plans are being made for 2010.  In addition we are adding staff in strategic areas to proceed ahead with future growth.  Our marketing and sales efforts have been strengthened to expand our product groups to new markets.

Currently we see our markets starting to pick up after the first of the year.  By mid 2010 we plan to be back in a more normal production mode.

Many of you know UEA as one of the premier suppliers of slip rings, globally.  Change is coming in the next year. We have plans in place that will take us to a new level of product offerings and technology.  Our cable reel line is continuing to expand in product offerings and finding new markets not previously served.  Renewed efforts in our transmission control line are proving fruitful in aviation markets.  Finally, our Decril cable carriers are starting to gain recognition against entrenched competition and proving its quality for the cost of product.

Everyone on our team is as excited and positive as I am about the future of UEA.  There will be much more information coming about how our products will serve your current and future requirements.  This blog is intended to provide you with knowledge about our products, the industries we are serving, problem solving by our engineers, trends we see and new projects we are working on.  Please drop by any time and read what is going on in the world of UEA and the world around us.

Until next time,

Mark Hanawalt
President, UEA, Inc.