UEA Stands Behind Its Products In Tough Applications

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2011 in UEA Blog

UEA Stands Behind Its Products In Tough Applications When Others Don't

UEA has always been known as the company whose products work when others don't.  Our rugged, reliable slip rings have worked in applications like construction, forestry, and aerial/utility equipment when others have failed.  UEA slip rings were designed to withstand dirty outdoor environments where high vibration can be encountered.  That's why we use the slogan, “we succeed where others fail”, and why we have had so many loyal customers for many years.  With that said, UEA is not perfect.

We have encountered applications where the specification we were instructed to build was not adequate for the use.  If our products have problems, even in this case, we stand behind them.  We work with the customer to revise their engineering specification to meet the actual real world situation into which our slip rings will be installed.  Then we recall the product and revise the slip rings to exceed the new engineering standards.  We never just walk away.

Recently we have won new customers or taken a higher market share because some of our competitors have simply walked away.  There is no warranty, there is no customer service, and the customer is stuck.  UEA never has and never will do this to a customer.  We ask a lot of questions about applications into which our slip ring will be installed.  We don't set ourselves up for failure.

We want you to know that we are the people you can trust with your slip ring applications.  We are UEA.

Mark Hanawalt, President