Tough Slip Rings for Tough Jobs

Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 in UEA Blog

At United Equipment Accessories, Inc., we understand that because of applications in unforgiving environments such as construction, wind, irrigation, and just about everything in between, our slip rings will see a fair amount of abuse. There's no need to be concerned about our rotary joints, because they're engineered, manufactured, and tested to perform in the harshest of conditions. Our products may be clean and shiny when they leave our facility, but we recognize that they will soon be out there in a multitude of situations. That's the benefit of being a custom slip ring manufacturer; we will work with a customer to design a quality product that can take the punishment of the application and exceed expectations.

For example, consider the application of a slip ring to transfer power to a rotary electro-magnet on the end of a crane arm. Not only does the slip ring need to safely transfer an extreme amount of power, with dangerous currents well over 100 amps, it needs to do this while surviving the literal “pounding” that the electro magnet goes through. Large, heavy machinery slamming into various steel loads and a slip ring that is mounted close enough to feel every bit of impact. This environment ignited the idea for a redesigned high power brush assembly.

The original design's structure utilized the spring force provided by rolled spring steel to keep critical components in place. There was enough force, about 20 lbs total, that it was difficult to dislodge the brushes by hand. However, the amount of force someone can apply with their hands doesn't compare to the impact an electro-magnet crane may see. That is why the new design replaces the rolled spring steel with two tension springs, as opposed to our single spring design, with each spring rated over 25 pounds per inch. The design also features a reinforced nylon brush arm specially designed for the application. This new brush design only allows one degree of freedom, along the yaw access, for the brush to align with the ring. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, this new design illustrates, once again, UEA's ability to provide tough slip rings for tough jobs.

Kyle Riegel

Design Engineer

United Equipment Accessories, Inc.