The Importance of Packaging

Posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 in UEA Blog

Packaging is a vital piece of getting our products to our customers in a safe and reliable manner. Each customer requires different modes of transportation. Whether it be UPS, FedEx or freight, we work to ensure our products arrive safely to our customer's front door.

Currently, we are working on determining different packaging options for slip rings and putting our current packaging method, along with a new prototype design, through testing at a third party testing facility. This testing will simulate handling as well as the transportation of slip rings. The testing will include dropping from certain heights based on weight as well as a cold temperature drop. Each box will then be tested through a series of vibrations on a vibration table. This simulates different frequencies of vibration to give an extreme environment to truly test out the robustness of the different packaging options.

Our current packaging offers a variety of different size boxes to meet the various sizes of slip rings that are sold. The prototype design has been designed to create a more ergonomic way for placing the slip ring into boxes both for our personnel as well as our end user. This design (in theory) will provide a more impact-resistant environment for rough shipping and handling and will allow our product to arrive at our customer's facility with the utmost care in mind.

Shari Pruett
Quality Assurance Specialist