Test Track Slip Ring

Posted on Monday, March 27, 2017 in UEA Blog

A new version of United Equipment’s S15A series slip ring has completed our Engineering design process.  Due to outdoor use and the rugged application, our customer requested the use of a ball bearing in the base casting.  UEA typically uses a nylon bearing which will work in most slow turning applications, but occasionally the nylon bearing is upgraded to a heavy duty ball bearing.

Test Track oneTest Track two

Test Track 3

This particular slip ring application required 4 power circuits and 28 circuits for a mixture of CAN bus and Cat6 Ethernet communication.  The brush side, or rotor side in this application, required six exits for 5 feet cable assemblies with electrical connectors.  Each brush cable also required 65 feet mating cable assemblies with electrical connectors.  On the center side, or stationary side in this application, 20 feet cable assemblies with electrical connectors exit the mounting tube assembly with custom flange.  Each center cable also required 120 feet mating cables.  This may be the most cable ever included with a slip ring at UEA.  At the top of the assembly, a magnetic, multi-turn encoder is used for position sensing.  At the bottom of the assembly, a vented drain plug is provided in the event any condensation occurs on the inside of the enclosure.

Each slip ring is unique to our customer and we work together to come up with a design to fit the requirements and space constraints. To learn more about UEA slip rings, visit http://www.uea-inc.com/products/slip-rings/

Josh Bockholt

Sr. Designer - Engineering