Successful Innovation

Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 in UEA Blog

Innovation can be tricky to manage. It costs big bucks for companies to chase the next big thing. It creates chaos and confusion in the marketplace when companies don't market innovation properly. New technologies also open companies up to liabilities, product failure, and general poor performance if the tech has not sufficiently matured enough. When business and product managers act apprehensive towards new tech, it is certainly not due to a lack of historical examples.

On the flip side, innovation can differentiate a product in the marketplace. It can boost sales, create publicity, and keep the company current. Innovation can also solve problems, reduce costs, waste, and complexity, and can make a product better. We could go on and on about the potential benefits of innovation.

So how can a company successfully innovate? One method is to invest big bucks into R&D, test the new technology out as much as possible, and then cross your fingers when you introduce it to the public. Another method is to marry two or more mature technologies in a new, innovative fashion. Some of the best innovations in existence come from combining two or more established technologies.

At UEA we have done just this – married two great, mature technologies into one innovative package. Our hydraulic swivel and slip ring combo units combine two products that each have verifiable performance success. Our combo units help save both time and money. Not only do they come pre-assembled, but combining the two products, we can reduce the number of internal parts, which allows us to reduce costs.

Let us help you solve your complex problems. To get started on a hydraulic swivel slip ring combo quote fill out our request for quote or call 1-800-394-9986.

Brady Haugo
Design Engineer