Stretching into the future

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013 in UEA Blog

United Equipment Accessories is stepping up and taking a proactive approach to meet the challenges associated with repetitive motion injuries. The UEA slip ring assembly process is very dependent on human involvement. A majority of components are assembled by hand and many of the hand motions/actions are identical across the full spectrum of UEA slip rings. The end result is an opportunity for repetitive motion issues to creep into the workplace.

To this end, all aspects of the workstation are being evaluated for ergonomic improvements. Some of the main areas of focus are optimizing reach length and appropriate workbench height. Tooling and work center layouts are under the microscope as well. Perhaps the most exciting change has been the implementation of a stretching program. Employees are encouraged to stretch through a routine at the beginning of each shift and again immediately after the noon lunch break. A few minutes of time is set aside each day to be dedicated to the stretching exercises.

To help implement and kick-off the stretching program, UEA brought in Occupational Health consultants from one of the hospitals serving the local area. Since each assembly area posses unique injury risks, the stretching exercises are tailored specifically for each area. The consultants came on site to provide training to the assembly operators for each area. Early feedback from the program has been very positive!

Wendell Greenlees

Production Supervisor