Slip Ring Seal

Posted on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 in UEA Blog

Sealing Slip Rings

It seems like more and more customers are demanding higher sealing ratings on their slip rings these days.  This is occurring from UEA venturing into new applications as well as our customer's requirements becoming more extensive.

UEA is able to offer several different levels of sealing depending on the application and customer requirements.  The best sealing we can offer with our conventional style of slip ring is with our end of the shaft mounted rings.  With this type of slip ring we can provide a spun aluminum or PVC cover over the aluminum base casting.   The slip ring is mounted on the end of a shaft instead of the shaft running completely through the ring.  This style of ring can be rated to IP65 which is the highest amongst our conventional slip rings.

If even a higher level of sealing is required, we can use our new contactless/wireless slip rings to meet the customer’s needs.  However, this can only be used if the customers power requirements are within the specifications for our wireless slip rings.  If so, we are able to provide a slip ring with a completely submersible, IP68 rating.  This allows us to take on new applications that we cannot do with our conventional slip rings.   For more information on our contactless slip ring please visit our website.

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Jesse Shearer (Design Engineer)