Slip Ring Options for Everyone

Posted on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 in UEA Blog

If you're in the market for a new slip ring the number of circuits, circuit ratings and harness connections are all important things to take into account, but the environment that the slip ring will be working in is also an important thing to consider. If the slip ring is mounted above or below the center of rotation, you may want to consider our different sealing options for each.

In cases where the slip ring is above the center of rotation we offer cover seals and sealing washers to keep out water and debris. We also have breathers and drains available for our bases and covers to keep water out and air moving inside the assembly.

If your slip ring is inverted, or below the center of rotation, we have options for you as well. A center shaft seal and potting on the mounting tube or harness exits are available to keep water from coming down the center of the assembly. Drains and drain exits are additional options for the cover to let any condensation that may get into the unit out. Our cable gland exits or liquid tight connectors have sealing options to keep water or debris out from the harness exits near the outside of the assembly. We also have corrosion inhibiting vapor capsules that can be used on any of our assemblies, above the center of rotation or inverted.

Almost all of these options are available throughout our entire range of bore sizes, but make sure to contact UEA customer service for details and more specific information pertaining to your exact application.