Rotary Slip Rings

Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 in UEA Blog

I am fairly new to the UEA family and when I first started I thought rotary slip rings for truck mounted cranes were an interesting application. Little did I know all of the many different applications that United Equipment is involved in.  Most applications seem pretty straight forward, an item rotates and we need to get power out onto the rotating portion.  One such example I found out about, and have seen multiple times, is the arsenal island bridge that bridges the Mississippi River from Davenport, IA to Rock Island, ILL.  I knew the bridge rotated for barge traffic but never realized the need for power to be supplied to the rotating mass off the bridge.

Other applications I've found quiet unique were large diameter pipe rotators and automated packaging equipment.  Pipe rotators rotate long lengths of pipe for inspection and convey the material through the inspection device once the weld seem is positioned correctly.  In this application the slip ring provides power to the motors that convey the pipe through the center of the pipe rotator.

-Kurt Maiers, Design Engineer