New EcoWire for Compact Wire Harnesses

Posted on Friday, December 14, 2012 in UEA Blog

During a recent sales visit with a regional sales representative from a UEA supplier, a new wire product line was shown to us that opened up the possibility to achieve reduced size wire bundles for our electrical wire harnesses. Earlier this year, a UEA employee pointed out the difficulty in routing a wire bundle for one of our wind turbine slip rings due to limited room for the wires. With the wide range of temperature requirements for wind turbine slip rings, there aren’t a lot of options for wires that are friendly to work with. The new EcoWire™ meets these temperature range requirements, is significantly smaller due to the jacket material thickness and has the proper UL & CSA approvals. This new improvement will reduce the labor required to route the wires, as well as allow for more circuits to be added in the future without the need to design larger enclosures. Wire bundle size is also a major package size driver for our new hydraulic swivel product line. Whenever a hydraulic swivel is combined with an electrical slip ring, the wire harness bundle from the electrical slip ring is required to pass through the center of the hydraulic swivel. The smaller the hole in the center of the hydraulic swivel, the smaller the outside diameter of the hydraulic swivel needs to be to fit all of the hydraulic swivel ports. We are looking forward to implementing the new EcoWire™ into our designs at UEA.

– Josh Bockholt, Sr. Designer – Engineering