International Travel

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014 in UEA Blog

Over the past couple of months, I have had the opportunity to travel to Asia on two separate occasions.  UEA is constantly looking for new opportunities and going international is a great option moving forward.  We have done business with international companies in the past but are now doing so on a more frequent basis.  Our goal is to build some long lasting relationships with foreign customers, particularly in the wind power industry.

My first trip was certainly an interesting experience.  I had been to seven different countries prior to India, but none of them compared to this.  The sheer amount of people and vehicles on the roads was amazing.  We flew into Mumbai and then drove to Damon and back over the next two days.  The following couple of days we had another drive to Pune.  The driving was the most stressful part of the trip due to the constant honking and lack of traffic laws.  The business side of the trip was a great experience with almost everyone speaking English and being great to work with. It also helped to have a Hindi speaking co-worker with me to fill in the gaps.  As I said, India was certainly an experience and is something I won't soon forget.

My second trip was to China and was a great experience.  I traveled with a co-worker who speaks Mandarin which made the trip much easier and enjoyable.  The communication was very difficult but the people were extremely nice.  We spent a day in Shanghai just passing through, but the majority of our time was in Chongqing.  The food situation took a little getting used to, but I adjusted quickly.  The business side of things was a little more difficult compared to India because of the language barrier.  For the most part, those involved in the meetings did not speak English so having someone translate everything certainly increased the length of the meetings.  Even with this challenge, it was a successful trip.  I really enjoyed seeing part of China and would welcome the opportunity to go back if the opportunity presented itself.

Jesse Shearer

Design Engineer