Hydraulic Data Acquisition System

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A Data Acquisition (DAQ) system, such as one subsystem of the UEA hydraulic swivel testing system, was developed to carry out the following functions: 1) to capture the real time testing data and record those date for post–processing; 2) to monitor the status of the four cylinders that control test chamber side doors for opening or closing.


Figure 1 – Block diagram of the DAQ system

The DAQ system consists of a data acquisition module, three pressure transducers (two for hydraulic pressure, one for air pressure),

two load cell transducers, and four inductive sensors. The DAQ module interfaces with a laptop computer. The block diagram is illustrated in Fig.1. Three pressure transducers provide swivel internal pressure information to determine if there is internal hydraulic or air leaking. Two load cell transducers are used to detect the reaction force while the tested swivel is rotated and thus to determine the swivel rational torque in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.  Four inductive sensors are embedded inside the cylinder assemblies to detect if each cylinder is in extended or fully retracted positions, providing the doors status (open or closed) of the test chamber to the test control program.

Hydraulic Swivel Test Stand

Hydraulic Swivel Test Stand

Based on the recorded test data, a decision will be made if the assembled hydraulic swivel passes the final production test. As an instance of implementing the DAQ system, Table 1 and Fig. 2 in the following show the hydraulic swivel test results for one of UEA customers. Table 1 shows the air pressure decay inside the swivel, time duration, testing time and date.


Table 1 – Air pressure decay and duration

Fig. 2 shows the swivel internal hydraulic pressure decay and torque measurement, respectively.

Figure 2

Figure 2 – The swivel internal hydraulic pressure decay and torque measurement, respectively.

The DAQ system stores the test data into the UEA server, and it is accessible to quality assurance personnel, engineers and others who are interested in reviewing the test results. The collected data is also available to UEA customers.

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