How Can One Design a Custom Slip Ring?

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 in UEA Blog

By working directly with those who have built them for years.

Getting a great custom product from a world class company that meets all your application needs is incredibly important during the design process, as it can remove a lot of questions and concerns that may be raised during the initial design phase, and ultimately in the final product. I also feel that knowing some of the people involved who help get your product from concept to creation adds a personal touch and is a key part in creating a positive, long-lasting relationship with our customers.

My name is Ryan Tradel, I’m a Design Technician, and will have been with United Equipment Accessories 12 years in November. I started out in our Artos Department where all the wire, cable, insulation and sleeving is cut to length for each of our customer’s requirements. During that time, I was able to work in our Harness Layout Department, which takes the wires and cables and turns them into harnesses, the Harness Assembly Department, where the harnesses and mounting tubes are attached to our slip ring assemblies, and even in our Ring Department, where the cores and the actual slip ring are assembled. Then, I transferred to the Shipping Department, handling and packaging all of our product lines and parts and shipping them to our customers. Finally, after an internal job posting, I found myself in the position I have today, where my previous drafting and CAD experience could be used. During my time here I’ve been an ISO internal auditor for the company for about 8 years, with multiple training sessions over that time, and even ran our Calibration Department for a period. I’ve also had a chance to work within our Customer Service Department for brief periods of time.


The majority of my responsibility on a day-to-day basis involves designing slip rings themselves and slip rings used in our hydro-electric combo units, which feature a hydraulic swivel built by UEA, along with our slip ring attached. I also design custom cable reel assemblies that feature our slip rings as well. So, if you’ve been thinking of making a new slip ring purchase or potentially modifying an existing design feel free to contact me or our Customer Service Department and let us know what your application requires or what we can do to make our slip ring work better for you. To find out more about our products, visit

Ryan Tradel
Design Technician