Failure to Communicate?

Posted on Monday, July 7, 2014 in UEA Blog

There is classic line from the movie Cool Hand Luke in which a prison guard proclaims “that what we have here is a failure to communicate” as a result of apparent unresponsiveness from Paul Newman to the punishments already administered.  UEA slip rings are designed to prevent 'failures to communicate'.

The world of Industrial Automation is dominated by three major global control suppliers each of which also dominates their local market, that being North America, Europe or Asia.  Mitsubishi Electric, along with CC-Link networking, is the major supplier in the Asian markets.  Although CC-Link is the newest of the major globally-accepted networks, it is already the dominant open network in Asia and is growing in North America and Europe.   Although not well advertised, United Equipment Accessories has had a CC-Link compatible slip ring available since 2005.  As the result of extensive testing by the CC-Link Partner Association, the UEA 7 circuit (DC version) slip ring assembly has been approved for data rates up to 10Mbps.

Although not tested for compatibility by an outside laboratory, UEA slip rings have been used successfully by a wide variety of customers for control and communication systems including ControlNet, DeviceNet, Profibus and Industrial Ethernet.  The same high-contact pressure silver graphite brush assemblies and silver plated or coin silver rings are being used with CANopen and J1939 CAN systems on construction and other heavy-duty and off-road equipment.  Although originally designed over 50 years ago to achieve a reliable, self-cleaning action in dirty construction environments, the double-brush, high-contact pressure UEA brush assembly design has had the originally unforeseen benefit of a very low resistance contact that has easily adapted to use with the very low-level signals of current control and communication systems.  In most cases the communication circuits are being combined into a slip ring assembly that also includes other circuits with a combination of other current and/or voltage ratings.

As technology advances, and data rates continue to increase, UEA will strive to provide slip ring assemblies to meet the needs of our customer's needs through the use of both internal and external testing as required.

Brent Jensen

Engineering Manager