Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel

Posted on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 in UEA Blog

Beautiful, hand-carved wooden horses are welcoming riders again in the Carousel Pavilion at the Western Reserve Historical Society. Once at home in Euclid Beach Park on Cleveland's lakefront, the carousel has been restored to its original beauty. Built in 1910, the carousel that operated at Euclid Beach Park featured 58 hand-carved wooden horses, 54 of which still exist today. Restoration work on the Grand Carousel was done by Carousel Works in Mansfield, Ohio. Carousel Works is the largest manufacturer of wooden carousels in the world. The mechanisms have been repaired and the scenes depicting Cleveland icons have been carefully hand-painted by carousel skilled artisans.

Nearly 45 years after the iconic parks closure, restoration of the Grand Carousel is complete.  The Western Reserve Historical Society unveiled the fully restored and operational carousel to the public on Sunday, November 23, 2014.

United Equipment has worked with Carousel Works on projects in the past, so when the time came to replace the slip ring in the carousel they again contacted UEA. This Grand Carousel still revolves on a large wooden pole. The slip ring would need to go over the pole to allow the electrical power to transfer through from the stationary point to the rotating carousel. The electrical requirements of the slip ring were very standard with three conductors rated 20 amps @ 120 VAC needed to operate the many lights on the carousel.  The size of the pole pushed our limits, but we were able to supply the largest bore slip ring we have ever built at 14.38” I. D. and with a few modifications to the pole, the carousel is once again shining bright.

UEA is proud to have been a part of this magnificent restoration project.

Steve Dilger
Customer Service Manager