Do I Need a Custom Hydraulic Swivel?

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 in UEA Blog

While searching for hydraulic swivels a quick peruse through the internet will yield many seemingly fruitful results.  Many of the companies that offer hydraulic swivels have attractive looking websites.  A global marketplace almost mandates companies present slick looking graphics for viewers to admire.  The quest for a hydraulic swivel and/or slip ring brought you to the website, but what is it that gets you to take the next step?  The next step usually depends on the type of customer that you are.

Every customer is unique, but we can classify many of the potential customers into groups.  The first group are the customers who require a simple swivel for a custom assembly, usually they are able to modify the larger assembly to accommodate a cost effective solution.  These customers are apt to pick an 'off the shelf' style unit, as availability and cost is a considerable driving factor.

Another group of potential customers use an existing swivel, but for one reason or another, are looking for a new supplier.  Price and availability are important to these customers, but also intangibles like customer service and commercial considerations as well as other unique requirements.

The last group are folks looking to develop a custom swivel for a new project they are working on.  These individuals encompass all the previous requirements as well as additional engineering resources needed to develop a custom design suited specifically for their requirements.

UEA employees strive to embody our company motto 'solving challenges from the inside out'.  We are available to answer any questions you may have even before you consider requesting a quote.  As you can tell by our motto, UEA is built to serve your design challenges.  We will solve your problems by supplying custom designed and built hydraulic swivels and/or slip rings.  If you would like to request a quote, do so here. If you would like to have a conversation with myself (Brady) or one of our other Hydraulic Swivel Engineers to discuss whether or not a custom or standard hydraulic swivel is necessary, call us at 1-800-394-9986 and ask for Brady or a Hydraulic Swivel Engineer if I'm not available.

Brady Haugo
Sr. Design Engineer

Are you considering a hydraulic swivel and have questions that need to be answered prior to making a decision? Our whitepaper 6 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Hydraulic Swivel, examines the 6 critical questions that one should ask prior to making a hydraulic swivel decision.