Design, Build and Test - The UEA Way

Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 in UEA Blog

2017 will be the year upon which we look back and say this was the breakout year for our hydraulic swivel product line.  Rather than buy a current manufacturer, we started from square one.  We have invested millions of dollars to be able to say we design, build, and test to verify, that the UEA hydraulic swivel is one of the best designs on the market.  We have had numerous internal conversations as to whether this was the correct course of action.

Because we have been the new kid on the block, we sought out some of the most severe applications to prove our design.  That has been a successful model.  We can show our potential customers that if we can perform in these conditions, we will perform in yours and exceed your expectations.  The attainment of new larger volume customers will allow us to more fully utilize our full production capabilities.  With that being said, we still have substantial building assets to dedicate to this product line.

Even though our path made a return on our investment - a longer term goal than anticipated, I feel we made the right choice.  We have not had to blend different corporate cultures, software, production techniques, etc. together.  We also have a design that is strictly a UEA design with no previous baggage.  Whichever direction you decide, it’s still challenging!

Mark Hanawalt

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