Custom Slip Rings

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 in UEA Blog

Custom Slip RingsAnother day at UEA, another day for UEA to excel at what we do best: deliver a highly-customized ring to a customer whose application had many specific design requirements, along with a tight deadline. As a team, along with continuous communication with our customer, UEA was able to source and procure the new parts required, working with the customer on possible alternative options on parts of the design's specifications, and ultimately delivering an assembly that both parties were confident about.

The slip ring circuitry includes power circuits along with low amperage communications circuits that make use of our silver graphite brush assemblies on coin silver rings, which increases useful life of the ring and increased reliability of the signal. The center and brush harnesses both use different special cables based on their electrical requirements, operating usage, and the surrounding environment. The center harness uses a TPC wire type, which has a smaller O.D. than many similar cable types and has an enhanced resistance to abrasion, chemicals and high heat. The TPE-type cable was chosen for the center harness due to its continuous-flex characteristics, as this particular harness is in constant motion in all directions during operation. A semi-rigid expandable sleeving was used to cover each of the harness bundles, which provides extra protection to the cable jackets, allows the harnesses to remain flexible, and reduces the overall diameter of the harness bundle, which would be greater if a standard braided covering had been used.

Finally, the assembly made extensive use of Harting connectors, for both the center and brush harnesses. Using Harting connectors in the assembly allowed for us to deliver a unit to our customer that is fully assembled and can be installed quickly and efficiently, over hard-wiring the electrical connections. Harting connectors come in many shapes and sizes, and the modular designs of their housings allow for multiple configurations of connector layouts. Their housings are extremely rugged and protect the connectors and electrical connections far better than your standard plastic connector.

If you've been thinking about a custom slip ring for your application, or you aren't getting the features you are looking for from your current supplier, get a hold of us at UEA. We would love to help you find a solution for your current or future slip ring needs. For more information about slip rings visit our website.

Ryan Tradel
Design Tech. – Engineering