Conexpo from an Exhibitor's Perspective

Posted on Friday, March 17, 2017 in UEA Blog

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Conexpo event that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The event is held every three years.  Conexpo is easily the largest gathering of equipment and people that I have ever witnessed.  It appears to be impossibly large. 

Just a couple facts about the event:  2500 exhibitors in over 2.5 million square feet.  This year it included over 150 educational sessions put on by the International Fluid Power Expo.  The numbers are not in yet for this year, but the 2014 event attracted 150,000 visitors, I heard rumors of 2017 reaching 175,000.  The event is dedicated to the construction and aggregate industries.  I can tell you, from my eyes, this year’s event was larger than the 2014 event.

UEA displayed a booth in the Gold Hall lot.  This time around they put up an incredibly large tent to house many of the smaller booths.  The outdoor areas were mostly dedicated to large equipment.  Below is a map provided by the event organizers that gives you an idea of the layout.

2017 ConExpo Map

Part of my time was spent working in the booth.  The other part of my time was spent walking around the event.  Working the booth meant talking to anyone who wanted information on the products that UEA provides.  The people who stopped by included a wide cross-section of the companies that we provide parts to, everyone from machine operators to company executives stopped by the booth and talked to us.  This provides an excellent avenue for touching base with a large percent of our customers.  Many of our current customers either stopped by our booth, or someone from UEA stopped by their booth.  The client exposure within the construction industry is un-paralleled to Conexpo.

Below is a picture I took from my hotel room.  For reference, I stayed at the WestGate Resort and Casino, which luckily was basically connected to the Las Vegas convention center.  You can match it up with the overview map.  The picture overlooks the Gold Hall and Lot, you can see the enormous amount of booms sticking up in the area from all the exhibitors displaying their equipment.  Note the scale of it and then realize this is only one lot, and not even the biggest.

ConExpo View

This next picture is the UEA booth, where we had many of our products on display.  A new piece of shiny hardware this year was our hydraulic swivel display stand.  This nifty object allowed for a shiny display stand that also enabled us to ship many of our heavier items within its confines.  The object itself actually contains receiver tubes to allow a fork truck to pick it up, as well as caster wheels that can retract and extend for movement in all directions.    

2017 ConExpo booth setup

Walking around the event took more than a little bit of effort.  It took all of my free time to walk all the lots and halls.  I didn’t even go down the side isles, I just stuck to the 2 main isles, then if something caught my eye than I would venture down and check it out.  The amount of distance one needs to cover to see all corners of the show is incredible. 

If this interests you, you can check out more facts and data about the show on their website:

One point that I would like to make is how eye opening this show is.  The amount of companies that exhibit is something that can really only be appreciated by walking the show.  It’s one thing for a company employee to talk about, it’s another thing all together for someone who hasn’t started their career yet to get an idea of the scope of the industry.  If you know someone who is currently in school for manufacturing and construction industry, plant this bug in their head.  Let them know that attending Conexpo gives a view of the industry that they likely won’t get elsewhere, which could be an advantage over their classmates.

All in all, the 2017 Conexpo was a spectacular event that allowed UEA to reach many of its current customers as well as hopefully some new ones!  Here’s to looking forward to the next Conexpo in 2020!  

Brady Haugo

Senior Design Engineer