Can I Talk to a Hydraulic Swivel Engineer?

Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 in UEA Blog

Through its robust product line, reliable field performance, excellent customer service, and over 6 years of hydraulic swivel production experience, UEA has gained market share.  Today UEA is delivering more and more hydraulic swivels to OEMs among construction, forestry, mining, utility vehicles, railroad equipment, aerial work platform, material handling, and specialty vehicle, industries. The UEA engineering team has gained abundant experience with hydraulic swivels from design and development, machining, assembling, testing, and applications.   

As hydraulic swivel engineers, we understand the critical nature of hydraulic swivels mounted on OEM equipment. UEA hydraulic swivel engineers listen to the customer’s wishes and design hydraulics swivels to best meet their technical specifications.

Communication between the customer and engineer is crucial in order to better understand the customer's wants and needs, and as the key input for new product definition, the conversations provide our detailed design specifications. More specifically, to initiate the hydraulic swivel design process, hydraulic swivel engineers need to have the specifications: transmitted media, working pressure, flow rate, working environment, temperature range, overall space constraint for mounting, and rotating methods.  

In general, the conversion topics could be, but not limited to, the following.

  • Hydraulic swivel specifications
  • Applications and special design considerations
  • Brand-new swivel design or replacement design
  • Integration with electrical slip rings as one combination unit
  • Unit mounting and rotating discussion
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Our engineers’ competencies, manufacturing and testing capabilities
  • The advantages of UEA producing hydraulic swivels
  • Schedule a tour of the UEA facility

If you are in the area we cordially invite you to visit with us for a face to face conversion, and we’ll be glad to show you around the hydraulic swivel production facility to have you better understand our quality production process. UEA would be pleased to become the designer and manufacturer of all your hydraulic swivel needs.

If you have any inquiries regarding UEA hydraulic swivel production, you are welcome to give a hydraulic engineer a phone call or send an email. We would like to give you a detailed introduction about our design and development process, machining capability, end of the line production testing, and newly built hydraulic swivel endurance testing, and even share our vision for future production improvements.


Design Engineer

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