AWEA 2017

Posted on Friday, June 23, 2017 in UEA Blog

The American Wind Energy Association annual conference was held this past May and UEA was exhibiting for the 13th straight year.  This year’s show seemed to be larger than last years, both in the number of booths and attendance.  The AWEA post show report is not yet available but booths and traffic appeared to be up from 2016.

UEA has attended AWEA every year for at least 13 years and each year we have also had a booth to display our products.  This year we displayed several slip rings for the aftermarket, both for large and small turbines.    

The AWEA Windpower show is important to UEA for several reasons.  First, it provides us a chance to showcase our new and existing product lines to potential customers.  Large and small turbine manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, come together at AWEA which provides a great way to make contact with them all in one place. Another reason we attend is to connect with our existing customers.  In addition, there are also many component suppliers, which UEA utilizes, displaying new products. This gives us a chance to check out these new products all in one place. Finally, it gives us a chance to educate ourselves on trends in the industry.

Next year we will also be exhibiting at AWEA 2018 in Chicago, IL.  We hope and expect next year will be even larger than this year.  AWEA puts on a very good quality show. The industry is still going strong, which makes it critical for UEA to attend these conferences. 

Jesse Shearer

Sr. Application/Design Engineer