Another Custom Dock Crane Slip Ring

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2014 in UEA Blog

UntitledDock Crane Slip Ring2This 48-circuit electrical slip ring belongs to our 6.00”-8.00” bore slip ring series. Last April, it was built in our production facility. The 44” tall slip ring was designed to be hanging upside down at the center of the pivoting section of a large dock crane.

Due to the amount of large circuits required, the slip ring was separated into two sections. The lower section contained four larger sized power circuits and four smaller sized power circuits.  For the larger power circuits, the customer required two attachment points for the stationary side and the rotor side. To accomplish this, the buss bars on the core were made longer than normal to allow two eyelet attachment points. On the upper section, we decided to use our standard 1.50” bore series slip ring for the remaining forty control circuits. This “piggy back” method is Dock Cranecommonly used to control the size and keep the cost of the assembly to a minimum. If the large shaft of the assembly was required to pass through the entire assembly, this “piggy back” style slip ring would not have been possible.

The two slip ring sections were built on a custom steel mounting tube and enclosed inside a large painted steel enclosure with removable side panels. Lifting eyebolts were added to the assembly due to the weight and for ease of maneuverability.

United Equipment Accessories continues to strive to make sure that each customer gets the features that they want for their slip ring assembly!

-Josh Bockholt, Sr. Designer – Engineering