Ship to Shore

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) recently was contacted to design a new slip ring solution for a ship-to-shore crane.
Josh Bockholt
Electrical Engineering Supervisor
Gantry crane slip ring

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) recently was contacted to design a new slip ring solution for a ship-to-shore crane. This project has been exciting as the end product will end up being taller than the engineer designing it! This new, 71-circuit electrical slip ring has made its way through the design stages at United Equipment Accessories. This 82” tall slip ring is designed to be mounted upright in a room inside the large crane.

UEA jumped into action with this new slip ring and worked with the crane customer to determine their exact requirements. The solution that was designed was engineered precisely to meet the environmental and working conditions, circuitry, and dimensions required by the customer.

Due to the number of large circuits required, the slip ring is separated into four separate sections. The lower two sections are comprised of ten 600-Amp power circuits. The upper middle center section consists of six 240-Amp power circuits. The top auxiliary section is comprised of twenty-five control circuits as well as thirty circuits for RS485 and Ethernet communications.

Ship-to-shore slip ring

The four slip ring sections will then be attached to the custom steel mounting tube and retained inside the large painted steel enclosure using fourteen laser-cut brackets. The custom-painted steel enclosure houses a slewing ring bearing on the bottom end, a guide bearing on the top end, and two lifting eye bolts on each end. The large slots machined into the steel mounting tube allow for easy wire access into the center and down through the tube. The frame design consists of one solid side for customer outer brush lead exits, one removable solid side panel, and two removable side panels with viewing windows for easy wiring and visual inspection.

While this slip ring is unique in its size, UEA was able to create and manufacture a slip ring solution that fit right into what the customer needed. United Equipment Accessories continues to strive to make sure that each customer gets the features that they want for their slip ring assembly.

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