The Importance of Audits

Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2018 in UEA Blog

Most people cringe when they hear the word “audit,” but at United Equipment Accessories (UEA) we view audits as an excellent opportunity to showcase our operations and to emphasize the importance of compliance to staff and management.

There are a varying number of audits that can take place, such as an internal audit, a customer audit, or regulatory agency audit (ISO Audit), but they all share common elements within the audit process.

Regardless of the type of audit, in every review, an auditor wants to see that the following items have been implemented:

1. Manufacturing operations control points

2. Documentation method or record keeping of various processes

3. Well-maintained and quality records of issues, changes, or deviations

Over the years, the way of demonstration of these attributes has evolved from paper to electronics; while electronic record keeping allows for a visible and well-structured method of maintaining and arranging the documents, the importance of a transparent process remains the same.

A good quality system allows for easily accessible information on Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Risk Analysis, Engineering Document control, and changes, Training, Root Cause Analysis and other Management/Quality/Production related process documentation. 

An audit is generally an exercise in building confidence in the mind of the auditor, whether that be a customer or external party. When processes are clear and straightforward, efficiencies and accuracy are earned.

United Equipment Accessories is proud to have a successful track record of passing ISO Audits. All thanks must go to our easily accessible documented process and our overall Quality and Internal Audit System.

 Dhaivat Patel

Quality Manager