Rotational Dryer Slip Ring

Posted on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 in UEA Blog

UEA Rotational DryerA new 42-circuit electrical slip ring has made its way through United Equipment Accessories. This S15D series slip ring with mounting tube assembly was designed to be mounted horizontally in a rotational dryer application. The application required 26 circuits to power heaters and 16 circuits for thermocouples.

The S15D series slip ring is in our 1.50” bore slip ring group and is made up of an aluminum-dished base casting with a spun aluminum cover. The dished base casting allows the brush leads to exit the side of the casting, keeping the overall height of the assembly as short as possible. A ¼-18 NPT purge port was added to the dished base casting to allow the customer to keep external contaminates out of the slip ring. Conduit elbow connectors were used for brush lead exits.

For the power circuits, we used our standard copper graphite brushes and brass rings. Due to the sensitive thermocouple circuits, silver graphite brushes and silver plate rings were required.

Due to the amount of heat in the area that the rotational center leads pass through, extreme high temperature wire leads and thermocouple cables were required. The center wire leads and thermocouple cables exit a custom mounting tube flange designed with customer-specified exits and bolt holes for attachment to the rotational dryer. Industrial grade wire and thermocouple cables were used for the forty foot long brush leads.

United Equipment Accessories continues to strive to make sure that each customer gets the features that they want for their slip ring assembly!

Josh Bockholt
Sr. Designer – Engineering