Not Your Typical Vending Machine

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2019 in UEA Blog

As United Equipment Accessories (UEA) continues to grow, it’s important for us to forecast and identify needs within our manufacturing process to ensure product quality and that customer orders are fulfilled to expectations.

Over the past year, we’ve identified areas where we can improve and implement new processes or equipment to keep up with demand.

Tooling Vending Machine

One area we identified was our tooling crib. As demand grew in our machine shop, our ordering became more frequent, resulting in low or exhausted materials before stock was replenished. Having to manually create purchase orders for items became daunting and we realized this was an area that could be improved upon.

Our tooling crib mainly focuses on drills, mills, thread-mills, and inserts.

We partnered with our primary tooling supplier and in September implemented an on-site, vendor-managed system for our tooling needs.

This new on-site tooling vending machine has been a great addition, not only saving us time, but ensuring we have what we need when we need it to keep on schedule.

Key Benefits:

  • One blanket purchase order - reducing the number of PO’s created
  • Supplier can see real-time as items are withdrawn
  • Supplier knows which items need re-stocked automatically
  • Each machinist has a unique log-in to identify usage
  • System sends report of items pulled to shop supervisor
  • Reports are customized
  • The vending crib is re-stocked weekly
  • Eliminates expedited shipping costs!
  • The system is expandable and more cabinets can be added when we need them

We have been extremely happy with the results of this new system and look forward to continued improvements and growth this year.

Wendell Greenlees
Production Supervisor