How You Can Customize An Industrial Slip Ring

Posted on Monday, May 7, 2012 in UEA Blog

Custom Industrial Slip RingOne of the largest electrical slip rings United Equipment Accessories has made stands 55″ tall and is 45″ wide! This custom electrical slip ring features a painted steel enclosure
with two removable window side panels to allow for easy inspection. Three junction boxes are mounted to the sides of the enclosure to separate the power, control and signal circuits. Slewing ring bearings are used on each end of the enclosure and a large steel mounting tube extends through the center core for support. Terminal blocks are used for ease of connectivity inside the junction boxes for the stator side wiring as well as on top of the core for the rotor side wiring. Two lifting eye bolts are used for assembly as this slip ring weighs over 500 pounds! Due to the nasty environment, the enclosure is sealed to I.P. 65 rating.

All of the features listed are easily customized for our customer needs. The enclosure can be made using painted steel or stainless steel. The removable window panels could be painted steel or stainless steel solid panels. Rather than using terminal blocks inside junction boxes, we can use panel mounted connectors for a plug and play feature. United Equipment Accessories strives to make sure that each customer gets the features that they want for their slip ring assembly!

-Josh Bockholt , Sr. Designer – Engineering