Hydraulic Swivels

  • Hydraulic Swivel 1
  • Hydraulic Swivel 2
  • Hydraulic Swivel 3

Hydraulic swivels, also known as hydraulic rotary manifolds, are precision components designed to transfer fluid from a stationary source to a rotating piece of machinery.

With over 50 years of experience manufacturing slip rings, UEA can provide hydraulic swivel-slip ring combination units in a single self-contained, multimedia rotational assembly. Our swivels are custom-built to your exact specifications and application requirements.


United Equipment Accessories’ Endurance Test Stand was built entirely
in-house for the purpose of conducting accelerated life testing of hydraulic
Endurance Test Stand Roomswivels. The stand’s control program uses a test procedure that strictly follows a specified set of testing parameters. A myriad of sensors measure the response of the tested elements under simulated conditions for a specific period and for a certain threshold.

The Endurance Test Stand sits in a specially designed room that has its own ventilation system, automatic fire suppression, and a two hour fire rating. Two webcams connected to the network provide 24 hour video
surveillance to the Endurance Test Stand.

Real Time Monitoring

Using sensors and control software, the following data is monitored and recorded during endurance tests:

Endurance Test Stand
  • Rotation speed and torque requirement
  • Torque under pressure
  • Side load 
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Temperature
  • Fluid cleanliness
  • Door open/close position

Test Stand Specifications

  • 16 test channels for low, medium or high pressure
  • Low (<1000 PSI), medium (1000-3600 PSI), high (3600-5500 PSI) pressure pumps and transducers
  • Automatic safety shut off