We provide customized solutions for a vast array of industries.

  • Agriculture

    Located in the heartland, UEA knows the importance of agriculture, and we have applications for every need to keep your equipment running for generations to come.

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  • Construction / Utility

    Dependability, durability and efficiency are all engineered into our custom construction and utility slip rings, hydraulic swivels, cable reels, and shift controls ensuring a job done above standards and on time.

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  • Defense / Aviation

    Built strong like our nation, our defense and aviation products are rigorously tested to provide safe and dependable service for all applications.

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  • Food & Beverage

    Serve your customers the best with UEA products. From bottling machines to mixers, we have, or will design, any product to meet your needs to keep business flowing without delay.

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  • Forestry

    Conserve your money, equipment and the environment with UEA custom forestry applications.

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  • Industrial

    From new equipment that needs improving to machinery already in use, UEA products are custom-designed to meet your current and growing needs.

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  • Medical

    Our designers and engineers develop custom, precise and reliable products for all medical equipment needs.

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  • Mining

    Haul away more at the end of the day and keep pace with UEA mining applications.

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  • Oil/Gas

    When you need extra assurance of dependability and efficiency, look no further that UEA products for your oil and gas application needs.

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  • Wind

    Innovative design, cutting-edge engineering and a vast knowledge of sustainable energy make UEA wind slip-rings and hydraulic swivels the top of the line and at a sustainable price.

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  • Entertainment

    From amusement park rides to theaters, we can design a slip ring to meet your needs to provide durability and longevity at an affordable price.

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