Transforming Slip Ring Technology: Presenting the Unique Pancake Slip Ring

Engineers and innovators are constantly seeking efficient and reliable solutions to meet the demands of various industries. One such groundbreaking invention is the pancake slip ring.
Dhaivat Patel
Product Technology & Innovation Manager

At United Equipment Accessories, we recognize the need for advanced and reliable solutions within the evolving technological domain. Providing innovative products, such as our unique pancake slip ring, reflects our commitment to excellence and performance.

Pancake slip rings offer dependable solutions for the various needs of varied industries.

Unique Design for Reduced Friction

Our product achieves a significant reduction in friction, thanks to its unique brush material and composition. This enhancement extends the lifespan of our pancake slip ring, a feature crucial for maintaining performance over extended periods.

Customizable to Meet Diverse Needs

United Equipment Accessories understands that customization is key to meeting the varying specifications of different applications. We allow modifications to our pancake slip ring’s design to accommodate diameters ranging from 0.25 inch to 11.5 inches, ensuring its integration is seamless.

Optimal for Space-Constrained Environments

Our pancake slip ring excels in applications where axial space is a premium yet where high electrical circuit demands persist. It enables the efficient transfer of power and high-fidelity signals, including CAN (Controller Area Network) and various Ethernet protocols.

Impressive Capabilities & Versatility

Our product can handle up to 240 VDC at 10-15 amps and offers a transmission speed of 1.5 Gbps. This makes it a reliable choice for seamlessly transmitting both power and signals. Whether you require uninterrupted power transmission or the transfer of crucial signals, it’s a versatile solution.

Our pancake slip ring maintains functionality across a broad temperature spectrum from -40°F to 320°F (-40°C to 160°C), ensuring it performs optimally under extreme conditions and is adaptable to various applications and industries.

While we offer various enclosure designs, we predominantly utilize Nylon 12 Glass fiber to optimize weight and durability. This approach results in a pancake slip ring that is both lightweight and capable of enduring the challenges of demanding operational environments.

Our slip ring is a testament to progressive slip ring technology with its unique design, customizable features, optimal space utilization, exceptional power and signal management, extensive temperature range, and resilient enclosure.




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