Looking For Some Extra Space? Reducing the Height of a Slip Ring Assembly

What can be done to reduce the overall height in our S15A series slip rings?
Josh Bockholt
Electrical Engineering Supervisor

Recently, some of our customers have been asking, “What can be done to reduce the overall height in our S15A series slip rings?”  Typically these slip rings are designed to mount above or below our customer’s existing hydraulic swivel.  Most of the time, the outer portion of the slip ring is retained by a fork style mounting bracket coming from the hydraulic swivel.  

The fork style mounting bracket catches a bolt or pin which threads into the side of the slip ring base casting for retention.  In the case that the hydraulic swivel is not a UEA design, changing the fork bracket design is not a cost-effective solution for the customer.  We are able to work around this and maintain the same retention method with the use of our S15D series slip ring.  

In switching to the S15D series, the elbow liquid tight connectors for the brush harness exits need to change to straight liquid tight connectors which allow the mounting tube flange to be pulled up closer to the bottom of the base casting.

The threaded torque hole in the S15A series is moved up into the side of the dished base casting of the S15D series the same distance the mounting tube flange is moved, keeping the distance for the fork bracket to pin retention the same.  In the particular example shown below, we were able to reduce the overall height by two inches while maintaining the same mounting method for the customer.  In any case, we customize our slip rings as much as possible to meet the needs of our customers.




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