Can UEA repair/replace old parts? (I mean really old)

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “can you identify this part for this slip ring?” The answer is almost always yes.
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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “can you identify this part?” The answer is almost always yes. However, to get the answer is not always as easy as putting the part number in our system.

UEA Slip Rings

We have been building slip rings since the early 1960’s, and shift controls since the late 1960’s.  Since many of these parts last for years, it is common to have requests for parts that are no longer in production. While many upgrades and changes have been made over the years, we often can still replace parts. If it is not feasible to repair a slip ring, we can build new to duplicate to match the form, fit, and function.

Identifying an older part can be challenging, but we don’t give up easily!

Here are the normal steps we go through to get where we need to be:

  1. Is there part number in our current system?
  2. Is there an old part number that with research can be crossed over to new part number?
  3. The part number is not UEA number. Can we cross research to locate UEA part number?
  4. There is no record of the part number, and the tag on the part has been removed or lost. Using a photo of the part, customer service collaborates with engineering to identify part.

Any information that a customer can provide is helpful. For example, did you purchase the part from United Equipment Accessories (UEA) or another manufacturer?  Often the manufacturer we originally sold the parts has changed their name several times. This can be a challenge, but with our many years of experience identifying parts between our customer service and engineering teams, we will find the answer.

Let us know how our customer service team can assist you in keeping your machine running, no matter the age, with as little delay as possible.




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