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Big Box vs. Specialty Store

This is UEA’s sweet spot. Being able to help a customer develop a custom slip ring or rotary union solution for a specific problem is our niche.

Brady Haugo
Hydraulic Engineering Supervisor
September 24, 2019

What’s your favorite store? Do you like it because it’s cheap? Do you like it because it has products that are well suited for your particular tastes? Or, do you appreciate the store because of the way the staff serves you?   If you are like me, venturing into a big box store is usually more of a necessary evil. In my experience, big box store associates tend to know very little about the products because of the large number of products in the store. This makes determining what product to select difficult. Compare that experience to a specialized store that caters to a specific audience with associates that have a deep knowledge of the products they offer. It’s a night and day difference. The specialty store staff takes the time to find products and solutions that meet the customer’s needs.

The previous example is at the consumer level. If you go up the chain to the component-supplier level, do the dynamics change? Are customers looking for experts to help determine the best course of action? I would argue, yes!

Recently, I met with a customer that was looking for a supplier to help develop a component for their machine. They were not happy with their current selection of components, and they wanted us to design and build to their exact specifications. I was excited to have this interaction with this customer because this is UEA’s sweet spot. Being able to help a customer develop a custom solution for a specific problem is our niche. I enjoy getting involved with a project from the beginning and see the effort pay off as the final product pick up momentum in the market.

At UEA, we are your design partners. We help make some of your toughest decisions easier by showing what options are available, offering our depth of industry knowledge, and answering your specific questions. We are like the specialty store that caters to a specific crowd; we work to empower our customers to feel comfortable with the choices they make.

Need assistance finding a slip ring or rotary union for your next project? Let UEA custom a design solution for your rotary needs.




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