Mark Hanawalt

"When your family is successful and happy, nothing else really matters."

As the President and CEO of the Company, Mark's primary role is visionary planning. It is something for which he has a passion.  He derrives tremendous satisfaction in conceiving of, explaining, putting a team together to implement, and then succeeding with the idea.

Mark FamilyHe started working at UEA at the age of 14 sweeping floors (but don’t tell anyone).  Officially at 16 he worked every summer and during breaks through college for the Company.  After college he returned to UEA, rather than work outside, to fill a need due to Company growth.  Over 40 years later, he's still here and enjoying it.

Mark graduated from Cornell College with a B.A. in Economics & Business with a minor in Music.  Since then he has taken numerous graduate level business courses since to enhance personal and corporate performance.

He met his wife, through music, during college.  Forty-three years later she had tolerated me well. They have four sons, Michael, Matthew, David, and Daniel.  They are all very successful following their personal careers and passions.