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3D-Printed Slip Ring Mounting

UEA has invested in 3D printing to quickly create slip ring prototypes and improve our flexibility and lead times for specific slip rings and parts. With the addition of 3D printing, UEA can design and manufacture slip ring parts and accessories to meet unique design challenges.

New Additive Manufacturing Space

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) continues to grow our 3D printing capabilities, allowing us to meet our customer’s application requirements. As part of our slip ring production expansion, we added a dedicated additive manufacturing room.

3D Printing for Custom Slip Ring Parts

While 3D printing isn't new to us, UEA has recently started to investigate the possibilities that 3D printing can bring to creating custom slip ring parts.

3D Printed Slip Ring Covers

With the addition of 3D printing, UEA can design and manufacture slip ring parts and covers to meet unique design challenges. UEA utilizes 3D printing for both prototyping and production.

UEA 3D Prints Face Shields for COVID-19 Response

United Equipment Accessories (UEA), a Waverly-based manufacturer, is using its 3D printing capabilities to print face shield components to support healthcare providers in response to the COVD-19 outbreak.

Adding Value with New 3D Printing Technology

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) recently purchased a 3D printer and we have been busy testing and printing. So far, we have used the 3D printer for slip ring covers, slip ring bases, brush arms, shifter components, entire shifters, assembly fixtures, and other items for use on our factory floor.

Slip Rings for Corrosive Environments

Designing slip rings for corrosive or salt air environments can be challenging to ensure that the slip ring components and cover can withstand these extreme environments.

Covers | Slip Rings

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) offers a variety of slip ring cover options; including PVC covers, dome, spun and wrap aluminum covers, rectangle enclosures, and no cover.

3D Printer Adds New Dimension to Tooling

The United Equipment Accessories engineering department recently added a 3D printer to our toolbox. The initial purpose of this printer was to allow our engineers a way to rapidly produce prototype parts and assemblies to speed design. As we became more familiar with capabilities and features of the 3D printer, another opportunity emerged.

Bore Sizes | Slip Rings

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) manufactures custom slip rings from .500 to 14.00 inches. Each slip ring design is designed to meet your specific application.

Custom Rotary Unions | United Equipment Accessories

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) engineers and manufactures custom rotary unions and hydraulic swivels. UEA fluid solutions are found in a variety of industries; including heavy machinery, construction, forestry, utility, and industrial.

COVID-19: UEA is Open

UEA is open. We have been deemed an essential supplier by several of our customers and will continue production.

Feature Article: Finding a Component Supplier You Can Trust

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