You Get What You Pay For

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 in UEA Blog

We have all heard the saying that sometimes trying to save a few dollars can be more expensive in the long run. In the following case, lost time in production was traced back to buying a less expensive, lower quality slip ring.

We were recently contacted by a customer with a failing slip ring. Circuits were overheating, which quickly caused the brushes and rings to arc and burn. The company's electrician identified the problem. Another slip ring manufacturer from overseas built the slip ring with circuits rated only to the minimum amperage requirements. Once the slip ring was under full load for a certain period of time, the problems began. Since shutting down production was not an option, the customer was operating the machine with only part of the system running at one time.

As is the case with many slip rings, this was not a simple three or four circuit slip ring. The slip ring was large and complicated and had a total of 28 conductors with several power conductors and smaller rated conductors. With the wires and cables going up through the center of the slip ring, the bore size was in the 6-8” range. The customer was able to supply several photos of the application and worked with one of our engineers to determine exactly what was needed for amperage and voltage for a replacement slip ring. We are building the replacement ring to match up as close as we can to the existing ring to make the change-over as easy as possible.

This customer used UEA slip rings in the past, but this particular machine, as well as the slip ring, had been built overseas. The electrician stated that if his company had built the machine here in the USA, they would have used a UEA slip ring and there would have been no failure. That was quite a compliment for United Equipment Accessories.

Steve Dilger
Customer Service Manager