You Can't Beat Hard Facts

Posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 in UEA Blog

The Midwest was recently blasted with a severe cold front that brought with it a couple inches of snow. While not at all unusual, this was about a month early. The first snowfall of the year usually ushers in the auto body repair season, which usually brings into question how much tread your tires have. The Cedar Falls/Waterloo area reported over 80 vehicle accidents the day of the snow. I had been putting off replacing the tires on my wife’s vehicle and with the advent of the snow; she did not let me forget that they needed to be replaced. When I called the repair shop they gave me a choice of two different types of tires. I had two days to decide which tires to purchase, high-quality expensive tires, or average less expensive tires. I became intrigued with figuring out which tire was the best deal, however all the data I could find was online user reviews. I was frustrated with how inconsistent the reviews were. I came to the conclusion that online user reviews of tires are based more on perceived value rather than actual performance. In defense of those that write user reviews of tires, a tire review incorporates more variables than one can really handle in a few short paragraphs. A lot of bias comes into play when making a perceived value claim. If the reviews were based more on the performance, I could then make up my own mind of what kind of value the tires represent since my personal requirements of a tire differ than say ‘Susan from Florida’. This is a small example of the importance of hard data, facts, figures and numbers. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

At UEA we are in the midst of building a hydraulic swivel endurance test stand. This test stand is designed to accelerate the real world conditions the swivel will operate in. This will allow us to prove to our customers that our swivel can and will survive real world operating conditions with cold hard numbers. The beauty of this is that we can prove out a swivel in a few short months as opposed to 5-10 years out in the field. Our commitment to swivel testing is another bullet point in a long list of reasons why we are fully committed to being the best hydraulic swivel supplier, and that’s a fact.

Brady Haugo
Design Engineer

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