Workplace Safety; Cables Reels

Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 in UEA Blog

If you've worked in an area with cables of any type, you know that they can quickly become tangled, caught on objects or tripped over. Stepping on the cable or running over it with equipment can cause damage to the cable casing. In wet areas, a live power cable may come in contact with water or other liquid. Random cables strewn about your work area can cause a multitude of hazards.

Retractable cable reels will solve a lot of these problems.  A cable reel automatically winds up the cable and stores it safely for you.  It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling so that it only takes up space that you weren't using.  Only the amount of cable that is needed is exposed.

workplace safety_cable reel picUEA produces custom cable reels in a variety of sizes, as well as a number of circuits and amperage.  We make cable reels that wind manually, have spring rewind and are motorized. The smallest UEA reel, with 8.00” outside diameter spool is commonly used in anti-two block applications to prevent breakage of lifting cable or boom collapse on small, service truck cranes.  The 80 series has the longest extension length – up to 100 feet.  The 90 series has the largest spool diameter, so it can accept cable up to 1.3 inches in diameter.  The overall dimensions for the 90 series are 26.5 inches tall and 26.5 inches wide.  The depth is dependent on the number and ratings of the circuits.

If your mounting space is limited, UEA can make a customized hybrid reel. We can combine a cable reel and a hose reel into a single reel package that includes both a slip ring for the electrical signal and/or power circuits, and a single passage fluid swivel.  The fluid swivel can be built for air or water pressure up to 250 psi, hydraulic oil up to 2000 psi or grease pressure up to 4000 psi.  The slip ring can be built to accommodate anything up to 600 amps at 600 VAC.

Whether it's an electrical cable reel or a hybrid reel that interests you, UEA can help make your workplace a safer environment.

Wanda Steffen
Design Tech