Working Together to Save Costs

Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 in UEA Blog

Recently UEA was contacted by a long time customer with the request to lower the price of a slip ring they purchase. The customer was not simply trying to save a few bucks but rather hoping to redesign some of their machines this product goes into and help spur demand. Part of this project would be cost savings.

If we were able to lower the cost it could be a win win situation for both of us. The project was turned over to one of our engineers to look at all possibilities for cost reduction. Two of the circuits with 100-200 amp ratings were found to be a major cost driver. After correspondence between our two engineering departments, it was determined we could eliminate the buss bars currently being used and replace them with two six gauge wires while still maintaining the needed amperage. Our engineer came up with two options showing savings on each. The customer picked one and we are now building a prototype that will first be tested here and after approval, it will be sent to the customer for testing at their facility.

This exercise is just an example of what can be accomplished when two firms work together to share ideas and are willing to make changes. A common goal with positive results is always a great ending.

Steve Dilger

Customer Service Manager