Wind Slip Ring with Connector Coupler

Posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 in UEA Blog

Image 1This recently designed electrical slip ring has made its way through United Equipment Accessories. The S15D series slip ring with connector coupler mounting tube assembly was designed to be installed horizontally in a wind turbine application. This Image 2particular application required 9 circuits for power and 17 circuits for control and communication.

The S15D series slip ring is in our 1.50” bore slip ring group and is made up of an anodized aluminum dished-base casting, anodized aluminum top plate and a molded clam shell style cover. The tall, dished-base casting allows multiple brush lead cables to exit the side of the casting through liquid tight connectors. A vent plug and thermostat controlled heater were added to eliminate condensation inside the enclosure.

Image 3The new anodized aluminum connector coupler design opens up many possibilities for plug and play. The mating half of the connector is bolted to the gearbox of the wind turbine after first connecting the typically longer center rotational harness. The slip ring is then plugged into the mating half allowing ease of installation. The guide pins of the Harting's Han-Modular® system ensure proper alignment of the connectors. The modular connectors and the mating half bolt pattern can be customized to meet your slip ring needs.

Josh Bockholt
Sr. Designer – Engineering