Wind Slip Ring Production Line Improvements

Posted on Monday, August 27, 2012 in UEA Blog

Bench Mount Ferrule CrimperUnited Equipment Accessories, Inc. is continually implementing improvements to the wind slip ring production line as well as the other areas throughout the north and south plant facilities. One of the more recent improvements is adding a bench mount ferrule crimper which pneumatically crimps 4 gauge, 6 gauge and 8 gauge ferrules. In the past, we used a manual ferrule crimping pliers in this area which was much less ergonomic than the pedal activated pneumatic crimper.

Artos Wire Cutting MachineAnother more recent improvement to the wind slip ring production line is using our existing Artos wire cutting machines to cut the wires and cables to exact lengths where this is possible. We are also using the wire cutting machines to fully strip and semi-strip wires for ease of terminal installation. In the past, we were trimming off excess length and stripping wires using manual hand tools. This can all be done by the Artos machines automatically through programming.

Pneumatic Wire Stripper

Our most recent improvement is the addition of a pneumatic wire stripper. The pneumatic wire stripper is used in an area where cutting exact wire lengths is not possible due to complex wire routing through the wind slip ring. The pneumatic wire stripper is currently set up to precisely strip 10 gauge, 12 gauge and 14 gauge wires up to 3/4″ long. In the past, manual hand tools were used in this area. We hope to add more of the pneumatic wire strippers to our wire harness department in the near future.

By continually implementing improvements to our production lines, UEA strives to better serve our customers by producing quality products in a timely manner.

– Josh Bockholt, Sr. Designer – Engineering