Wind Slip Ring – Harness Line Improvements

Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 in UEA Blog

UEA is continually implementing improveharness line 1ments to our production lines throughout the north and south plant facilities. One of the more recent improvements is adding an area designated for harness work for wind slip ring assemblies. The crimping bench in this area was laid out by our production team to minimize employee movement between processes. A pneumatic ferrule crimper, a heat shrink machine, a pneumatic butt splice crimper and two pneumatic knife disconnect crimping machines were added to the new crimping bench.  The new ferrule crimping machine will accept ferrules as small as 24 gauge and as large as 12 gauge. In the past, we have used manual ferrule crimping pliers to build these harnesses, which was much less ergonomic than the pedal-activated pneumatic crimper. Bins of parts used at the crimping bench were added for organization.

harness line 2The new layout bench in this area consists of three mirrored stations on one side and three mirror stations on the other side. Each side is set up to build a specific type of harness with all of the tools necessary right at the workstation. Each station has a booklet of step-by-step work instructions, as well as visual aides to assist in building the harnesses. Quality checks are made at the end of the build in this area before these assemblies are delivered to the final wind slip ring assembly line.

Josh Bockholt
Senior Designer/Engineering