What Testing Capabilities Does UEA Offer?

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 in UEA Blog

To ensure our customers receive the highest performing products to meet their diverse needs in numerous applications, United Equipment has many testing capabilities at our disposal, both built into our production processes, and in specific areas important to our consumers.

During the assembly of the core and after assembly of the slip ring, where the brush assemblies are installed, continuity testing is done to make sure each center core lead and brush is wired properly for each circuit, either prior to shipping or before the attachment of any harnesses. If harnesses are attached, with or without plugs, they are put through our test panels to check for continuity at the end of the production process, which verifies the assemblies are wired properly, there are no loose connections, or debris is not present in the assembly, which could cause a short. In addition, these assemblies are tested to ground. This testing is also used in our other product lines such as our hydro-electric combination swivels, cable reels and shift quadrants.

Other customer-specified testing options available are resistance testing of circuits, which also includes continuity and isolation testing, hi-pot testing at various voltage ratings and intervals to meet various requirements, hi-pot with cross-check function, and Ethernet and fiber-optic testing to check for potential packet loss.

If your next project has requirements outside those stated above, let us know and we will gladly work with you on a solution to meet your unique need. Having a quality product is great, but having one that also performs precisely to your expectation is something UEA takes great pride in. To inquire about your next project, visit our website and check out our online quote form.

Ryan Tradel

Design Technician-Engineering