What is UEA's Return Process?

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 in UEA Blog

At United Equipment Accessories (UEA), product returns aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Many times we receive slip rings back for refurbishment that have been functioning in the field for 20+ years.

Regardless of the reason for a return, our standard is that all estimates on repairs are done at no charge to the customer. There is no charge until we have your approval to proceed with a repair or rework on the product.

How does the return process work at UEA?

If you need to return a product, the first step is to contact us for a RMA number, which must be marked on the pack list as well as the outside of the box. You can click here to email us for an RMA number or call 319-352-3946.

In order for UEA to assign an RMA number, we need the part number to enter it into our system ahead of the return product arriving. This allows the return process to flow more smoothly.  We also need to know the reason for the return, rework, or warranty. This information is entered into our system, which allows our Quality Department easy access to all of the pertinent information. This also alerts them if there are any problems.

Initial evaluation of the product is done within 48 hours of the RMA receipt. Warranty returns are given first priority, followed by reworks and refurbishments. Reworks and refurbishments typically take three weeks.

Every return will have a customized cost depending on the findings of the evaluation. We will always get your approval before proceeding with repairs. If we determine the cost to repair a product is greater than the value of purchasing new, we offer to either ship the ring back to you or we will scrap it here at no cost.

Our Quality department is also available for online consulting, which can help solve quick and easy problems. Problems such as jumped brushes, can be fixed very simply in the field without sending the slip ring back. 

Everyone at UEA is committed to excellent quality and we are here to serve all your needs – from new custom products to refurbishing returns. For more information on product returns, visit our website’s FAQ section and choose “General Questions.”

Steve Dilger

Customer Service Manager